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Finacle In Brief

A Financial Package, for Banking Solution developed by Infosys on a platform of Oracle, hence it is called as FINACLE. Presently, many Indian Banks are having this software as banking solution and it is highly flexible.

Prior to 1995 it was known as BANC 2000, a Total Branch Automation package with a distributed 
network. After 1995 Infosys developed the same as FINACLE, a Core Banking Solution.

Finacle core banking solution is a comprehensive, integrated, yet modular and agile business solution, addressing all the core needs of banks, in easy-to-configure modules. Finacle provides all the building blocks of business functionality, enabling users to configure products and processes flexibly in order to adapt to a dynamic environment. With a 360-degree single source view into customer accounts, banks can empower customers with relevant information and delight them with the right offerings, presented at the right time through the right channel.

Finacle Features:
  • Finacle facilitates anywhere banking
  • Finacle is a Relational Database Management Software (RDBMS) of Oracle.
  • It involves C,C++ and Java programming language.
  • This software runs on UNIX Operating System (OS) as this is widely used platform across the CBS environment.
  • Finacle is accessed through Browser Based Universal Client i.e. Internet Explorer.
  • SQL & PL SQL uses for generating MIS or Reports or Queries at Centralized Level.
  • As this is menu driven software, it is very much easy for navigation.
  • Customization and parameterization are two special features of Finacle.
  • Finacle provides multi-lingual supportFinacle provides multi-level security i.e. operation, database and application level security.

Why Finacle?
  • Customer driven thinking
  • Convenience Banking
  • Integrated Delivery Channel support through ATM /POS etc.
  • Functionally Rich and Flexible
  • High Level Security control and audit capabilities
  • Relationship Banking
  • Workflow
Key Modules
  • Enterprise customer information
  • Consumer finance
  • Customer analytics
  • Clari5
  • Wealth management
  • Islamic banking
  • Corporate banking
  • Trade finance

Finacle functional Architecture:

Business Benefits:
 Create differentiated products easily
Finacle core banking offers an unlimited palette of features to design and deploy products for different market segments. Its product bundling capabilities provide the latitude to create offerings with differentiated features. With Finacle, bankers can offer differential pricing, set up channel rules, and easily customize offerings across market segments.

Right-sell to customers effectively
The Enterprise Customer Information File and CRM capabilities in Finacle offer a unified view of the customer across the entire solution and across multiple back-end applications, letting users view the customer from a completely informed perspective. This information lets banks forge more meaningful relationships with customers and aggressively explore right-sell opportunities.

Adapt to change quickly
The SOA allows the bank’s IT team to make changes without touching the base code, ensuring minimal vendor dependency, lesser operational risk, and faster adaptability to changing business conditions.

Increase operational efficiency and productivity
Finacle core banking supports business event automation and process orchestration, eliminating manual tasks and reducing process time. The elimination of error and data redundancies results in increased branch productivity, and straight- through processing (STP), which, in turn, reduces turnaround and processing time, increases output, and speeds up response to customers.